Telehealth Video Messaging for Patients | ATHENA Telehealth

ATHENA Telehealth is a simple, secure video messaging platform designed for healthcare and integrated with your chart in our Athena electronic health records.

Prior to telehealth visit

  1. Call the office 303-688-8666 to schedule a telehealth appointment.  We will help you decide if telehealth is appropriate for your symptoms.  The staff will provide an appointment time and name of the available medical provider. 
  2. You will receive our online check-in from Epion.  Epion check-in MUST be completed prior to your appointment time.
  3. After the Epion online check-in is complete, you will then receive the Athena Telehealth link.  Click the link 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time.  Enable your video and audio to allow the telehealth appointment.  If this is your appointment, type in your name.  If you are assisting someone, type in the patient name.  You will then be in the physician/provider’s virtual waiting room and once the provider sees you there, they will log in.  Please wait for your physician/provider.
  4. You should use secure WiFi access, not data connection for better connectivity.  We ask that you conduct the telehealth from home, as we have limited parking.  Thank you.
  1. Call the office 303-688-8666 to schedule telehealth appt., the staff will provide an appt time and name of the available medical provider
  2. If you have an iPhone you can download the App (see below).
  3. If you do not have an iPhone you can go to the Healthchat website and create a free account.
  4. You should use secure WiFi access, and not data connection, for better connectivity.
  5. Create a username and password
  6. Search for provider on Healthchat database
    (provider name given at time you scheduled Telehealth appointment #1)
  7. Search for assigned provider name and send them a text
  8. The assigned provider will respond by text and with further instructions

Questionnaire Download

Depression Questionnaire
ADD Questionnaire
GAD (Anxiety Screening)
PHQ-9 (Depression Screening)

PDF Reader Download

Adobe Acrobat Reader