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Urgent Care Castle Rock

Urgent Care Castle Rock


Why Wait Hours in a Busy Emergency Room?

An emergency room is a great place to be for life threatening injuries and illnesses.

But for all other immediate medical needs, an urgent care facility can provide you with prompt service at an affordable price.

What is the difference between Urgent Care and the E.R.?

The biggest difference? Your time and money!

Compare the typical fees for some of the most common patient needs:

Urgent Care:

Complaint Urgent Care
Price per visit*
E.R. Price per visit
(Average Wait Time 1-4 hours)
Allergies $99.00 – $146.00 $345.00
Ankle/Arm Injury $99.00 – $146.00 $595.00
Bronchitis (acute) $99.00 – $146.00 $400.00
Earache $99.00 – $146.00 $345.00
Sore Throat $99.00 – $146.00 $525.00
Pink Eye $99.00 – $146.00 $617.00
Sinusitis $99.00 – $146.00 $531.00
Upper Respiratory Inf. $99.00 – $146.00 $486.00
U.T.I. $99.00 – $146.00 $665.00

٭ Price is an average, and is subject to change based on office visit complexity.

Unlike an emergency room, our Urgent Care operates by scheduling patients in urgent care appointment slots. In high patient volume times, our schedule will fill and we will stop accepting patients. We are happy to assist you in finding an appointment the next day, or directing you to another treatment facility.

As you can see, a visit to Urgent Care Castle Rock averages less than half the cost (and wait!) of an emergency room or hospital emergency department visit.

What To Expect When You Need Urgent Care

Unlike an emergency room, Urgent Care Castle Rock operates by scheduling patients in specially-reserved urgent care appointment slots.

During times of high volume, our schedule does tend to fill up, and we’ll pause our acceptance of patients.  If that happens, we’re happy to help you find an appointment the next day, or (if necessary) to direct you to another treatment facility.

But most times, when you need us, Urgent Care Castle Rock is ready to help!

Board-certified family physicians and physician assistants are here at convenient hours (including most holidays) to care for you… when a visit to your primary care physician simply isn’t possible, yet a visit to the emergency room isn’t necessary.

Our clinic has on-site lab, x-ray and EKG equipment available to make your visit as comfortable and efficient as possible.

The next time you need urgent care, give us a try!  You’ll be glad you did.