Flu Shots

Flu Shots

Flu Vaccines Available at Founders Family Medicine in Castle Rock

Schedule your appointment to receive the flu vaccine at our Castle Rock medical office by visiting us online or calling 303-688-8666.

2020 Flu Shots

This year the flu vaccine is more important than ever due to the health risks of COVID-19. We currently offer the flu vaccine by appointment only for new and existing Founders Family Medicine patients.

Flu shots are also available during your regularly scheduled appointments with your doctor. Ask your health care professional about receiving the flu vaccine.

High-Dose Flu Vaccine – Age 65 and Older

We provide high-dose flu shots to patients over age 65 while supplies last. The high-dose flu shot is recommended for adults over age 65 to maximize the immune response which results in better flu protection.

Flu Vaccine for Kids

Promote your kids’ health this winter with a flu shot. The flu vaccine is safe for children over six months of age. We recommend an annual flu vaccine for children to protect against the flu. We offer flu shots for children who are new or existing patients by appointment or during a pediatric care visit.

Protect Your Health

Flu season typically runs from October through February. However, flu illness can occur year-round. Flu symptoms typically last between three to seven days and most commonly spread through droplets from coughing, sneezing or talking.

The flu vaccine takes around two weeks after you receive the shot to begin working. Don’t delay scheduling your flu vaccine appointment. For the best protection, get the flu shot annually. Flu viruses change each year and the vaccine is created to prevent recent flu viruses. Plus, protection from the immunization typically lasts one year.

It’s important to get annual flu vaccines to protect your health and decrease the negative health risks to the community.

Avoid the Combination of COVID-19 and the Flu

According to the CDC, patients can have both COVID-19 and the flu at the same time. One way to minimize your risk is with a flu shot. A higher level of complications is predicted for patients that have the flu and COVID-19 simultaneously. Plus, the danger is even greater in high-risk populations.

Patients at Higher Risk for Flu Complications

Some populations have a greater chance of experiencing complications from the flu.

  • Children under five years old
  • Pregnant women
  • Adults over age 65
  • Patients with chronic health conditions

Many of these increased risk factors also have higher risks for COVID-19 complications. Don’t take the risk. Schedule your flu shot today.

Our Dedication to Safety During COVID-19

We’re dedicated to providing the highest standards of safety to protect you and your family during your visit to Founders Family Medicine. We screen all patients for COVID-19 symptoms. We also require masks and social distancing at our clinic.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Please see our COVID-19 page for the latest updates on COVID-19 testing and vaccinations.  There you will find links to important websites.

To Schedule Your Flu Shot at Founders Family Medicine Click Here or Call 303-688-8666.